This page is a placeholder page for the parfu archive application being developed by NCSA staff on the Blue Waters Supercomputer. We also have a page explaining the origin of the parfu name available on this site.

As of this writing, late July 2017, parfu is under active development. Version 0.5 has been developed which is tar-compatible. Version 0.5.1 is being worked on which combines the main part of versin 0.4 with the new features in 0.5. When that is available, we will start doing performance testing of the tar-compatible version.

My announcement page at NCSA contains some (now outdated) information about parfu, and a link to the talk I gave about it at SC 2016. Your best place to look up current information is on parfu's github page.

When we have a major release, we'll announce it here. If you're interested in upcoming news, please me know at